Another world, where the floor looks like the ceiling; where one minute you are a giant and tiny the next. More than just another tour, your journey through the caves is a voyage through time surrounded by limestone statues and natural mirrors.

    About the Caves

    The River runs beside you throughout your visit. By turns calm and turbulent, the Orbe follows its underground course before bursting from the rocks. A natural spectacle of beauty and sound.


    Four circular chambers cut from the living rock offer a unique setting for the carefully preserved “Fairy Treasure”. Marvel at the shapes and colours of this collection of 250 rare mineral specimens from across the world.

    How to come?

The Vallorbe Caves

A river, a treasure, a cathedral...

It's hard not to be deeply affected by the majesty of the great natural cathedral.
The "Son et Lumiere" display is an emotional and beautiful moment to conclude your visit to the caves.


250 mineral specimens from across the globe.

Inside these alveolar spaces – among the most beautiful in Europe – is the home of an exhibition of mineral speciments – the “Fairy Treasure”, bringing together a collection of more than 250 minerals from across the world, in four “cupolas” carved from the living rock.


A mysterious river…

For many years there was the “Upper Orbe” and the “Lower Orbe”. The Upper Orbe springs from the Les Rousses lake, in France. The river then winds its leisurely way (“orb” = curve, circle, bend) before emptying itself into the Joux lake. The Joux Valley is, in fact, one of Central Europe’s most beautiful “closed basins” (i.e. there is no visible outlet for the water).

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The story is punctuated with discoveries and surprises.

Chers visiteurs, Nous avons la joie de vous annoncer que les Grottes de Vallorbe ouvrent à nouveau leurs portes le samedi 6 juin 2020 dès 9h30. Toute l'équipe se réjouit de vous revoir.


Dear visitors, We are pleased to announce that the Vallorbe Caves will open their doors again on Saturday, June 6, 2020, 9.30 am. The whole team is looking forward to seeing you again.


Liebe Besucherinnen und Besucher, wir freuen uns, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass die Höhlen von Vallorbe am Samstag, dem 6. Juni 2020 ab 9:30 Uhr, wieder ihre Türen öffnen werden. Das ganze Team freut sich auf ein Wiedersehen mit Ihnen.